Hello and welcome to the April/May edition of PetFocus Magazine.

With colder days (hopefully!) behind us, we can’t wait to lose the layers and explore the great outdoors with our four-legged friends. In this issue, we’re bringing you all the joys of spring with top tips on equine footcare, flea prevention and caring for giant rabbits.

Our featured charity is Service Dogs UK – a wonderful organisation that supports veterans and members of the emergency services diagnosed with PTSD. From fetching medication to providing comfort in times of worry, these remarkable dogs take the phrase “man’s best friend” to a whole other level.

If you acquired a new puppy during the pandemic, don’t miss behaviourist Karen Wild’s up-to-the-minute advice on caring for your new doggy arrival. We also have lots of helpful advice on feline arthritis, taking care of frogs and emerging pet hazards.

Best Wishes
The PetFocus team

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