Fairness Statement

This practice operates a policy of fairness for clients and employees.

Equal Opportunities Employer

This practice is an equal opportunities employer and offers equal rights to all employees and those under-going training programmes, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

Medicine Dispensing and Determination Fees

The same fees are charged to all clients. To uphold clarity and consistency, this practice charges a Medicines Determination Fee (or MDF for short) to all clients of the practice that require medicines for their pets – all the details relating to this are provided below:

This fee is charged to recover the costs incurred from all matters connected with the selection, ongoing advice and service surrounding medicine usage.This fee is automatically included in medicines provided by the practice and is denoted by the letters MDF on invoices and receipts.e.g. 10 cephalexin 300mg tablets & MDF

What does this fee cover?

Initial evaluation and ongoing review of medicines.

Complying with pharmaceutical legislation and registration fees.

Selection of appropriate medicines.

Provision of a 24-hour medicines advice service should there be any queries or problems arising from the use of medicines prescribed.

Review of any adverse reactions and communications with pharmaceutical companies and the veterinary medicines directorate (VMD).

Maintaining overall responsibility in the event of failures and assisting manufacturers and the VMD.

How much is this fee?

This fee is calculated by the practice’s computer system every time a medicine is prescribed or used. It is not a fixed fee but varies depending on the medicine and the quantity prescribed.

What if I purchase medicines from a pharmacy?

The practice is required to treat all of its client equally and as such the medicine determination fee will continue to be charged. It may appear as a separate fee on your itemised invoice or receipt. For example, the fee for 10 Cephalexin 250 mg tablets may be invoiced as:

MDF 12.50


Medicines Fee 12.50


Added to a prescription fee, e.g. Prescription & MDF 29.50

How does the MDF differ from the prescription fee?

A prescription fee covers the veterinary surgeons time for processing a written prescription. It is an administrative fee and is charged in addition to the MDF.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions about medicines supplied for your pet, please ask your vet. If you would like a more detailed breakdown of the practice’s prices and fees please ask at reception.