Tracie Paris-Oakes

Tracie leads the Pet Care Advisor team at Pets Place in Stowmarket where she enjoys daily contact with clients and their pets. Tracie loves animals and has looked after a variety of pets over the years, from horses and goats to chickens and geese. She currently has two rescued cats and two pugs, one of whom was an abandoned stray that she personally nursed back to health.


Lisa Murati

A member of the Pets Place team since 2006, Lisa enjoys taking part in the day to day care of our resident guinea pigs, degus and conures as well as helping clients choose the correct products for their pets. Lisa keeps cats as well as a few pet chickens and is always keen to help clients find the right pets.


Joanne Starmer

Jo has grown up around animals, both large and small and joined the practice to train to be a Pet Care Advisor. She shares her time between administration and Pets Place and enjoys work in just about every part of the practice.

Jess Bewley

I have always wanted to work with animals, but finally took the plunge and started on a vet nursing course. Alongside this, I work in the pet shop. I have two hairless sphinx cats and a giant Sulcata tortoise, as well as lots and lots of snakes! I’ve also had chameleons, a bosc monitor, hermit crabs, frogs and tarantulas as pets – my fantasy pet is a sloth! My hobbies include being creative – crochet, embroidery, painting, sweing and many other crafts – and I’m currently learning to play the ukulele.